By Chris Lo:

During the ride to Kwanokuthula I was feeling more excited than nervous. It was going to be my second homestay experience and based on how much I enjoyed my first homestay I was ecstatic. When we arrived in Kwanokuthula, I had an adrenaline rush so when I was introduced to my Mama I ran towards her and hugged her tight. After I settled into my house, my brother Afi took me around the neighborhood and introduced me to some of his friends. Originally, I thought this was going to be a one and done deal, but the next day he took me to a different area of Kwanokuthula and one day lead to another and soon it became a routine for me. Everyday we were doing something, whether it was exploring the neighborhood, visiting his friends, or going grocery shopping, I enjoyed every second of it. Our group also had the opportunity to visit the primary school where we assisted the teachers in the subjects of English, Math, Life Skills, Science, and Social Studies. We taught kids ranging from grade r (Kindergarten) to grade 7. Although, at first I wasn’t too thrill about the entire primary school, it ended up being my favorite part of the homestay because of the unique experience of interacting with the kids while they were in school. While helping them with their school work I felt that I had a personal bond with the students and that made me look forward to going back day after day. As our time in Kwanokuthula came to a close I, along with everyone else, were sad that we had to leave and continue on our journey, but we also knew that the memories we made during the homestay will be unforgettable. I know the memories I made during my homestay I will cherish forever.


By Sabrina Poon:

Before the homestay I was beyond nervous and had no idea what to expect. I was scared I wouldn’t bond with my family or would just be in their way of their daily lifestyle. Now though, I can definitely say that the homestay was definitely an experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. The second we stepped foot into Kwanokuthula, I was immediately welcomed into my family with open arms. I never knew how quickly you could become a part of someone’s family until this trip, because after a few hours I felt like I was at home. My mama cooked the best food ever, and I fell in love with homemade bread called fatkoeks. She always made sure I was never hungry and treated me as one of her own. My younger siblings and I would always play card games and they got me interested in shows such as Generations and Uzalo. They honestly did make me appreciate the little moments in everything. My favorite thing to do with them has to be when we were washing dishes and just ended up talking for way too long. My older sister showed me around the community and genuinely taught me so much about not just Kwanokuthula and South Africa, but life in general. These bonds that I created are irreplaceable and I really did learn a lot from my family. During the day, we were given the opportunity to go the primary school and interact with the kids. We met so many bright students and some of the most talented people ever. Their choir is extremely gifted and was such a highlight of our daily visits to the school. Now that the homestay is over, I can gladly say I took away so much from those 10 days. My family has widened and I have gained a love and appreciation for the beauty found in Kwanokuthula. And now, I have another place to call home.