Acquire entirely new perspectives on critical environmental challenges, diverse ecological systems, and natural resource conservation and sustainability.

Explore ecological wonders and the cultures and communities to which they are connected. Discover the rich biodiversity of a country as you travel through it and learn about earth sciences and marine biology. Focus on sustainable food production methods, and explore the rich history, traditions, and communities behind unique regional cuisines.

See animals such as seals, sea turtles, and tropical birds in their natural habitats. Explore mountains, caves, rivers, coastlines, forests, and waterfalls. Activities you may experience include boating, hiking, camping, zip-lining, and snorkeling.

The environment and ecosystems there are so incredibly unique and unlike anything I have ever experienced before, and it was all amplified tenfold by the amazing job The Experiment did.

— Jordan, The Experiment alumnus, Ecuador

  • Ecuador

    Ecuador: The Galápagos Islands & The Andes

    Explore Ecuador’s natural wonders, from the Andes mountains to the Amazon basin and the Galápagos archipelago. See seals in their natural habitat, snorkel, hike a volcano, and take in the country’s vast biodiversity.

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