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Fuel your future with high school intercultural exchange.

Gain a deeper understanding of the world as you launch your unforgettable educational experiment. Through our ABROAD and VIRTUAL programs, you’ll experience homestays with trusted families, immerse yourself in new cultures, and learn alongside diverse groups of people, all while fueling your purpose-driven passions along the way.


The Experiment is the most respected provider of international exchanges for high school students. For 90 years, we have empowered young people to step off the beaten path, experience the world as a classroom, and develop the skills they need to solve the challenges of tomorrow.


Our long history of providing intercultural exchange programs comes with decades of experience ensuring safe learning environments abroad. We continually strive to identify, mitigate, and manage risk while adhering to health and safety guidelines in global and local contexts.


Earn college credit, intern, and build the technical and interpersonal skills that set you apart. Colleges and future employers look for leadership, intercultural communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking – all skills that you will build through Experiment programs and internships.


Diverse identities and experiences are essential to intercultural exchange. We are committed to recruiting and supporting participants of the broadest socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and geographic background of any high school exchange program in the world.

“I feel like I truly experienced what it means to be a part of something. The word ‘community’ felt so genuine and true during my homestay. I hope that I will be able to cultivate these types of relationships, the ones where you know that you can go into any house and find a home, back where I live.”

Casey, Experimenter, South Africa


The Experiment is no longer accepting applications for summer abroad 2022 programs or The Experiment Digital. Summer 2023 programs will be published on our website this fall. Students should apply online this fall for summer abroad 2023 programs. Read our FAQs to learn more about our enrollment process and timeline, as well as our 360-degree approach to risk management as it impacts programs abroad amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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