Welcome to a global network of alumni!

Following your program with The Experiment, you’ll join a worldwide community of some 70,000 people, plus others from the World Learning Inc. family—School for International Training (SIT), and World Learning, our global nonprofit organization. Participating in The Experiment is the beginning of lifelong engagement with this network of contacts, resources, and opportunitiesBelow are just a few opportunities that would be available to you as an alum. 

Stay Connected! 

Update your current contact information so that we can stay in touch through our alumni newsletters and send information about events and opportunities that may be of interest. 

Get Involved! 

Generations of Experimenters tell us that their summer abroad was one of their most enduring and treasured memories, creating lifelong friendships and inspiring fields of study and fulfilling careers. 

We invite you to share your stories, refer your friends, and continue exploring the world through one of our lifelong opportunities below: 

  • Become an Experiment Ambassador that prospective families can contact you through our website 
  • Write about and post your photos on social media with the hashtag #ExperimentAbroad 
  • Promote local scholarships in your region 
  • Host an information session in your home 
  • Coordinate an Experiment alumni reunion in your region
  • Send an update about yourself for inclusion in an Experiment alumni newsletter

Visit our resources page or email [email protected] for additional information on how to participate!

Alumni Opportunities

The Experiment Ambassador & Parent Mentor Program

Ambassadors contribute to the success of current and future Experimenters by sharing information about their programs via phone or email. There are also opportunities to spread the word about The Experiment in their schools and home communities. Contact us for more information. 

Return to Study Abroad

SIT occasionally offers adult travel programs for alumni of SIT and The Experiment and friends. For more information, visit the Return to Study Abroad page.

SIT Study Abroad

If you enjoyed your Experiment experience and are looking for something similar during your undergraduate studies, consider SIT Study Abroad. SIT offers programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as comparative programs in multiple locations. 

SIT Graduate Institute

SIT Graduate Institute offers master’s and doctorate degrees, and professional certificate programs in areas such as peacebuilding and conflict transformation, global education, humanitarian assistance, diplomacy, global health, sustainable development, and TESOL. Experiment and SIT Study Abroad alumni are eligible for the Alumni Advantage, an $8,000 award programs to continue their learning journey within the SIT. 

Alumni Resources

You can find additional opportunities and resources for alumni on the website of World Learning Inc., The Experiment’s parent organization.