Responsible & Thoughtful Travel

Social and environmental responsibility is more critical now than ever. We are committed to delivering programs that support and are respectful of the diverse communities and ecosystems that host our programs.

Our programs are developed in close consultation with local and international partners and with a critical understanding of the communities and regions we visit.  

Collaborative & Culturally Sensitive Relationships

Many of The Experiment’s international partnerships are decades-old relationships with local educational organizations. These in-country partners contribute to the dynamic and immersive nature of every program and ensure respect for local cultures and customs.

Social Responsibility

By working directly with local organizations, The Experiment supports local economies and community initiatives. Programs encourage students to engage with and learn from individuals, communities, and cultures around the globe while also gaining an understanding of the challenges they face.

Local Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a key component of all programs. Participants minimize their environmental footprint by using public transit, eating local food, and participating in community service projects in collaboration with, and according to, the needs of local communities.

Highly Experienced Staff & Culturally Knowledgeable Group Leaders

The Experiment actively recruits staff and group leaders with extensive intercultural knowledge and foreign language skills who have lived or worked abroad in our program countries. Learn more about The Experiment staff.