We understand the need for young people to connect with their peers globally now, more than ever. In our 87-year history, 2020 was the first time The Experiment paused all operations abroad. It is our sincere intention to run programs abroad this year, no matter how small the selection. We hope the stars align in our favor as we do everything we can to make study abroad for high school students a reality once again this summer.



At The Experiment, we understand that intercultural connections between young people are now more important than ever. The world is ready to recover and rise to new challenges, and The Experiment is committed to working together across cultures.

The Experiment invites you to apply online to our select portfolio of programs abroad for this summer. Through our experiential and culturally immersive programs, Experimenters gain critical skills such as leadership, teamwork, intercultural competence, language acquisition, and problem-solving. Read our FAQs to learn more about The Experiment’s 360-degree approach to risk management related to the global COVID-19 pandemic as well as our enrollment process and timeline.

Apply now to summer abroad 2021 programs, including: Costa Rica: Biodiversity, Ecology & SustainabilityJordan: Arabic Language & The Middle East and The Netherlands: LGBTQ+Rights & Advocacy. The final admissions deadline is on April 15th. We also encourage you to apply now for The Experiment Digital, our virtual international exchanges for spring and summer 2021.