Thank you for your interest in The Experiment and The Experiment Digital! The Experiment is no longer accepting applications for summer abroad 2022 programs or The Experiment Digital. Summer 2023 programs will be published on our website this fall. Students should apply online this fall for summer abroad 2023 programs.

See below for information on what you’ll need to complete your application. Once you’re ready to begin your application, create a new user account here. 


If you do not have a passport that is valid through February 2023, please apply for one immediately. The U.S. Department of State is not currently offering rush passport services and passport applications could take up to 18 weeks or more to process.

The Experiment offers high school summer abroad programs on five continents and various global virtual exchange programs. Participants explore the world through hands-on experiences in local communities and through the lens of a specific theme.


Please observe the following deadlines for program applications: 

  • Priority application and need-based scholarship deadline*: February 15, after which; 
  • Rolling until: April 20 (Enrollment requests after this date are evaluated on a case-by-case basis; 
  • Late enrollments after June 1 are subject to $250 late enrollment fee 

*Deadline applies to applicants directly applying to The Experiment for program admissions, not sponsored through an outside partner. 


Applicants will need to submit the following materials:

  • Application form (with student and parent/guardian information)
  • Short written responses
  • Essay
  • Homestay letter & photo
  • Letter of reference (from teacher, mentor, advisor, or coach)
  • Passport copy

Applicants who have already submitted their application and whose admissions status remains Incomplete should contact their global admissions counselor directly to review the status of supporting documents and to confirm The Experiment’s receipt of your Reference(s), Homestay Letter, and Passport Copy. Your status will be updated to Complete once all supporting documents are received and reviewed.


Most programs abroad are open to all students who have completed their 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade year but have not yet entered college or university.


If you do not have a passport valid through the end of February 2023, apply for one now, especially if your program requires a visa. (Many countries require your passport be valid for at least six months or longer beyond the dates of your program.) If you have not had a medical physical since May 2021, make an appointment as soon as possible. We encourage you to visit the U.S. State Department’s passport website for more information. Because of delays in processing passports, the U.S. State Department warns that passport applications may take up to 18 weeks process, so please apply for or renew your passport as soon as possible. 


You are responsible for making sure that your immigration documents are in order for international travel. These may include a U.S. alien registration card, a valid passport, a visa for the country or countries you would be visiting, and a U.S. reentry permit. Consult the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service office in your area, and the embassy or consulate of the country you will visit as soon as possible. Some documents can take as long as three months to obtain.


Our virtual exchange programs connect high school students around the world using dynamic digital platforms. Students gain new thematic knowledge and interact with their peers through videos, chats, dynamic webinars, interactive lessons, and games.


Applicants will need to submit the following materials:

  • Application form (with student and parent/guardian information)
  • Short written responses
  • Audio upload (Youth Leadership & Community Service program only)


Most virtual exchange programs are open to students between the ages of 14–19 who are currently enrolled in high school and have not yet started college. Students should have regular access to the internet, basic English language competency, and a demonstrated motivation to complete their program. Select your program to view full eligibility requirements.