Japan: Language School (Group1)

By Daniel K.

On the last day of Japanese language school, groups of threes were sent out on a scavenger hunt, in which we had to find locations and fulfill tasks in order to gain “points” and pass the class. I was put in a group with two other guys named Jackson and Faris. Here are a few examples of the activities we did as a group.

One of the activities was having a conversation with a stranger in Japanese, and Jackson was the one who did this. He asked a stranger the directions to the Sapporo train station.

Another activity was finding an ancient tea house on the middle of a park. After searching for quite some time, we were able to find and take a picture of it.

This activity consisted of asking a stranger in Japanese to take a picture of the group. Our group took a picture in front of the Sapporo shrine.

These were just a few of the activities we did as a group. Although the scavenger hunt was a bit tiring due to all the walking, I think that it was a great experiencing exploring Sapporo.