When in Rome!

Siamo arrivati! Two full days in Rome left us feeling hot from the sun, cool from the gelato, and excited about all we have seen. From a walking tour of the ancient ruins, including the Colosseum, to Michelangelo’s masterful Sistene Chapel, our 20,000 steps a day took us through some incredible sights. Below are some highlights from our Experimenters:

“Realizing that Michelangelo had such an impact on the structure of Rome is so cool! Especially since I love art. I also found the Ancient Rome ruins so fascinating. I love learning about History!”

“The gelato was an excellent way to cool down from the sweltering heat. Cold and delicious.”

“I loved the last day!! We ate an awesome lunch and dinner. Just hangin’ with the group was awesome especially when we were all together!”

Ancient Roman ruins


Group photo in front of the Colosseum – one of the seven wonders of the world!


First gelato in Italy – che buono!


Piazza di San Pietro lit up on our last night


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