Germany Homestay Experiences by Celine and Nina

July 7 by Celine

Today was mostly a chill day in my homestay. We made apple-cinnamon pancakes and watched around three movies. I got a lot closer with my host sister while painting a wallet/coin purse my sister sewed for me. We also went to her uncle’s houses at the end of the day to chat about the differences between German and American lifestyle. I am having such a great time so far, and I’m going to be so sad to leave!!!!

I noticed throughout this trip that Bavarians value family time and relaxation more than Americans in general. We are so worried about getting the next task done that we tend to forget what’s around us in the moment. I got to finally have some time to rest and relax, enjoy nature, and experience what a true family dynamic should be like! Also more on the surface, Bavarian food is a lot different. Lots of bread and meat, and for greens mostly tomatoes and cucumbers. Also Knödel!

July 8 by Nina

Monday: my first day of school in Germany. After dragging myself out of bed at 5:45 to get ready for the day and get to the bus by 6:40, I made it to school. I waited with anticipation with my group members and all our host siblings. Many stereotypes about Germany float around in the US, so I expected a strict school full of diligent, uniformed students and mean teachers. I was quickly surprised when students handed out cake in the back of french class. In physics class, students played music on speakers and ate while the poor teacher attempted to demonstrate the science behind wave disturbance. Later in geography, I enjoyed looking at maps of the US written in German. I found where I lived and pretended to know the different climates of North America. 

Overall, I was surprised to find that school in Germany was similar to school at home. These were all regular kids who struggled with the same homework and disliked the same teachers and subjects that I did. Even though I already graduated from high school in the US, it was nice to get one last taste of German high school before heading to college.

A walk to my host sister’s uncle’s house in Niederalteich right next to the Danube.

On the way to a church service in Neideralteich.

An apple cinnamon pancake, made with my host sister (and lactose free).

My homestay family.