South Korea: Korean Language & Culture

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Embark on your journey to South Korea where you’ll gain a greater understanding of its rich history, culture, lifestyle, and society. By immersing yourself in Korea’s centuries-old customs, traditions, and language, you’ll uncover the secrets of this remarkable culture.

Language is crucial to understanding the culture and history of a country. Discover a broader world and values beyond what you have known about Korea as you learn the language. A team of experienced instructors in state-of-the-art facilities leads the student-centered language teaching approach, creating an ideal learning environment.

Beyond the globally popular modern culture that Korea is known for, a treasure trove of UNESCO World Heritage sites awaits your exploration. From well-preserved palaces and temples to iconic traditional practices and historical documents, you’ll deepen your knowledge of Korea’s heritage.

Engaging with local Korean youth is integral to your learning journey, fostering cultural exchange and broadening your perspective on Korean society through authentic connections. Travel to diverse regions, where you’ll gain new insights and share your thoughts with your Experimenter group and local Korean students.

Experience day-to-day life in Korea, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to live with a local family. This immersive experience is unparalleled for developing your language skills and learning more about this captivating country.

Embrace change and independence as you naturally absorb invaluable knowledge about Korea through language learning, living with a homestay family, and engaging with local youth, all while exploring World Heritage sites. Adventures await when you step through the doors to the heart of Korea’s culture and open a world of possibilities and personal growth.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will earn a language certificate noting the number of hours of language classes completed.


The Experiment’s programs are designed to build skills that will help you succeed. In South Korea, you will learn: 


  • Korean language


  • Intercultural communication 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Adaptability 


  • Temperatures and humidity can be high in South Korea during the summer. 
  • Come prepared with clothing that is modest and culturally appropriate yet will keep you cool, i.e., during the overnight stay in a Buddhist temple. 
  • Explore urban life by foot (lots of walking!). 
  • Meat and fish are staples in South Korean cuisine; students following a vegan diet need to be aware that most food is cooked in meat or fish broth. Buddhist temple food is usually vegan/vegetarian. 
  • Access to the internet is limited and internet speeds and connectivity vary. 
  • South Korea is a conservative country regarding LGBTQ+ issues. We encourage students to approach the program staff for support on gender and sexuality questions and concerns. 
  • The diverse personal and social identities of participants may, in part, shape their experience abroad. In-country partners will discuss cultural norms and the local context during orientation. Please read our approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for further information. All students will have a safe space within the program spaces and with the local staff and group leaders. 
  • The Experiment program structure is rooted in experiential learning and cohort-based learning. The participant group experience is a major source of learning for Experimenters and is facilitated by trained Experiment group leaders.