As we stood in front of International Check-in for American Airlines, anxiety-filled our bellies.  We waited patiently for our 14 students to arrive in JFK airport and thankfully they arrived. After spending seven hours flying across the Atlantic. We finally arrived in the country and were greeted by one of our in-country partners who escorted us to our hostel. To our surprise, the hostel was smaller than we expected, but we made it work! We spent our first day in London exploring the local area and the following day we headed off to use the London underground tube as we headed for our info session at Independent Press Standards Organisation (ISPO) where students learned about the importance of maintaining freedom of speech in the realm of journalism while holding news outlets accountable for their content. We later took a stroll through the city visiting the Tate Museum, Millennium Bridge and the London Eye. Unfortunately, we were not as lucky as previous groups and had to wait an hour on queue just to ride the wheel. Nonetheless, it was totally worth it! Our third day in country, students spent the day learning how to operate HD cameras, microphones and tripods through an intense training with World Write Charity. The following day, students hit the streets of Dalston to interview locals about their view on democracy.

The following day, students picked two articles from the daily news and recorded a news commentary.