Thailand: Homestay Reflections by Caroline (Group 1)

By Caroline A.

The first homestay of the Thailand trip this year was truly an unforgettable experience. Having the opportunity to be welcomed into the peoples homes and living as a member of the community opened my eyes to Thai culture. I stayed in a home with my grandma, parents, and two sisters and although i wasn’t able to communicate with them through language, we were able to connect through meals and the love they showed me. My sisters and I would play with toys after they finished their homework. Since I couldn’t talk with them I taught one of them a handshake I learned when I was her age. When we would go to family outings, they were always there to support me and offer me comfort, like when I got nervous for the dance performance, my sisters were there to hold my hands. And if I were ever in a situation where I might feel frustrated because it was difficult to communicate, my mom would always be there to offer a smile and a hug. The love they showed me in such a short amount of time was something I will always remember and cherish.