Thailand Group 2: Homestay


We have been living in homestays for about a week, and being fully immersed in Thai culture has caused us to grow and experience the daily lives of Thai people. The families are the most welcoming people, always having a smile on their face, and never hesitating to help us with whatever we need, whether it be laundry or providing the proper clothes for our activities. We eat breakfast and dinner with our families, conversing with them, bonding, and practicing our Thai language skills while simultaneously trying various Thai dishes. Baan Mae Bon is a remote, beautiful village, which has caused us to appreciate a slower way of life. We have planted trees, trying to keep the effects of global warming under control in Thailand. we also have been teaching English at the local school, providing enrichment for the kids but also seeing how different and similar the education system is from ours. The students are kind hearted, respectful, and willing to learn about us and about our language. As much as we are immersed in the language, we immersed the students as well. This whole experience has been a life changing one, being surrounded by love and culture made us feel like we are truly at home. 

-Nicole, Shay, Abby

The Baan Mae Bon village encompasses Thai hospitality and rural family culture. Although the lives of the villagers is slower than the city goers, there is still not a moment wasted. We have been taken in by the village and have truly become part of their families. We spend our time teaching students English, planting trees in the hills, learning native dances, and making memories that will last a lifetime. This experience is unmatched and we are beyond grateful to get a glimpse of the peoples’ lives. 

-Ryan Dennis Tori

Staying in someone else’s house to learn their culture is challenging but an amazing experience. Every family is so nice and caring, but it is difficult to communicate because of the language barrier. Also using google translate is hard because it isn’t always accurate. Although there are challenges every family makes you feel welcome and treats you like one of their own. Although we only stayed for a week, the memories and experience will be remembered by us forever.

After being at the Baan Nae Bon for five days, we’ve been embraced with open arms. Everyday was a new culinary adventure brought by our host family. Putting down the phone and connecting with the local peoples is truly an enriching experience that leads to open mindedness and a true appreciation for the simpler things in life. We’ve developed strong and loving friendships with the neighborhood children despite the language barrier. Having to rely on body language and context clues has created unusual bonds that will stick with us forever.