Thailand Group 2 – Homestay Reflections

Last week we experienced one of the most anticipated parts of our journey: living with our homestay  families in the village of Baan Sri Khum! The following is a compilation of our groups reflections; a kaleidoscope of our experiences:

Going to the homestay, I was worried about the language barrier and that it would be hart to connect. Yet I found that there are so many non-verbal ways to connect and communicate. (Allison P.)

For me, connection was through the smiles, hugs, and cup of coffee that were presented to me every morning. (Annabel H.)

The smiles were everything to me. (Ella)

To be someone’s daughter – to know where home is. (Sara R.)

Sometimes in the silence, I found the most meaning (Susie S.)

The experience put me to the test for sure, but I made it work – it just goes to show that you can build strong bonds even with few commonalities. (Ethan W.)

Praying, eating, and laughing together has a transformative power, and seems to be the antidote to discomfort or fear. (Christa C.)

This experience brought new, caring people into my life. (Mirna G.)

However, my family’s lives had to continue, despite my arrival into their world. (Becca )

I just hope I did my part and impacted my family the same way they did me. (Jennifer D.)

They will always be a big part of my life, I never expected to miss them so much. (Natalie D.)

I love them, and will never forget my first homestay experience. (Scarlett P.)