Studying in Bocuse, A dream come True!

Tell any French person that you are going to study at Paul Bocuse Culinary Institute, and automatically they say: “Wow, tu a de la chance.” (You are so lucky) For one week, our group of 15 experimenters were had the enormous opportunity of studying in one of the most reputable cooking schools in France. They pushed themselves, learned new things, learned about cooking and the very hard work that being a profesional chef involves. They also made mistakes and started over. For many of the students it was an experience they will never forget. For others, it was more difficult and exhausting than they ever imagined but it also made them learn and grow a lot. Overall, the chef teachers were very impressed with the student´s commitment, effort and work ethic. It was a wonderful week in all!

At the end of the full week of cooking clases, students prepared cocktail dinner appetizers of all kinds as you can see in the picture, they also received diplomas and imprinted their signatures on their cooking vests and hats so to have a Little souvenier of their team members and teachers.

Finally, Paul Bocuse is not only a great teaching facility it is also in a breathtakingly beautiful park and castle and students bid their farewells with a final (very lovely and photogenic group picture). As for me (Group leader), I can only say I was infinitely proud of the group and seeing them really work together, bond and grow as individuals was a enriching and humbling experience!