Student Reflections in France (Group 1)

What is something you learned about French culture?

“I learned that the difference between French and American culture is the unusual emphasis on bread that dominates almost all of France.” – Joshua

“One difference between French and American culture is their toilets. In France most public toilets in parks and train stations aren’t free. You also can’t just use the bathroom in random restaurants. I’m always planning out where I can and can’t use the bathroom in France.” – Ilhaan

“French people eat any desserts/snacks before lunch and dinner whereas Americans eat them after.” Rodyna

“One difference that I noticed between the French and American cultures is the style! The French tend to dress up all the time, no athleisure or any super casual clothing. Women wear dresses and skirts and men tend to always wear nice tailored pants.” – Phoebe

“I noticed that in French culture, they tend to use their cell phones less as opposed to in America when we use them all the time!” – Lilah

“The French take more time to eat at meals and typically don’t rush them” – Marissa

“One difference between French and American culture is even when they have cars they like to walk a lot. IF YOU COME TO FRANCE BRING TENNIS SHOES” – Aunecia

“America and France are very different in the fact that they eat so late at like 7:30 and then in America, we eat at like 5 or 6 and even when they do eat the point isn’t to eat – it’s to catch up on your day. It’s an amazing thing to experience” – Paul

“One difference between the American and French Cultures that I have seen is that the French tend to eat much later and stay up later than Americans do.” – Liv

“One of the biggest differences I noticed, at least in Nîmes, is how tight-knit the community was. We’d be simply driving in the car and see friends and family.” – Amiel

“One difference is how there is always fresh bread in the house” – Ahoefa

“One difference I learned between French and American culture is that meals are very important to the French. Most French people have breakfast, dinner, and lunch at the same time and like to share those meals with family and friends. This is different compared to how Americans like to snack all day and sometimes skip meals. We also don’t always have meals together.” – Vianey

“One difference between American and French culture is how driving is and how the cars are in general. They are usually much smaller in France and this is because of the narrow streets. There is also a majority that drive stick shift cars rather than automatic.” – Ashley

“The difference between French and American culture would be about the meals and how it mainly focuses on spending times with people and socializing. This is very different from Americans because Americans tend to focus on the meals instead of the communication and socialization part.” – Jaylyn