Spain: Language & Culture – Madrid (Group 2)

A reflection from the beginning of the program

Tuesday, July 3rd by Kyani

After a well needed rest from our long awaited travel to Spain, us Experimenters spent our second day exploring the city of Madrid by foot. One of our stops was the Mercado de San Miguel, a large market filled with produce, treats, and much needed sweets. A few of the treats available were fresh juices, macaroons, and assorted meats. I even bought a smoothie for myself. For many of us, this was one of the first instances where we used the language to place orders and talk to locals, becoming more accustomed to the Spanish culture. The aesthetically pleasing scenery of the market made it a perfect place to take this picture. The sunlight, shining through the vintage styled curved ceiling, produced a warm and inviting and relaxing glow to our rather exhausting afternoon.