July 9 by Gabe

This week during our homestay, we traveled to Munich with our host siblings. We met a mountain man with a strong burly beard. He asked us to do a scavenger hunt around the New Town Hall. On the scavenger hunt, we visited a nearby church called St. Peter’s Church and went up at very tight staircase to get to the top. At the top of the tower you had a beautiful view of the whole city and one of those machines that crushes pennies into souvenirs. The sight was breathtaking. On the way down, I accidentally cut in front of a women and she said “Come on, dude.” She was rude, but also an American. So it’s ok! We then walked to another square to meet the mountain man and he told us fun stories.  I liked the mountain man. Although we didn’t learn a whole lot about the city nowadays, but we learned a lot about the city’s history.

It was fun. Munich is an incredibly beautiful city.

July 9 by Linnea

Munich is a city that I was looking forward to visiting for a long time. We learned so much history that we would not have known and got a glimpse is what the city has to offer. The architecture throughout the city is amazing and so unique. The highlights were definitely the Glockenspiel, which was kind of like a ballerina music box, it was something for everyone to enjoy. The other  was definitely the U.S. consulate. Sadly, pictures were not allowed, but I learned so much about the jobs that there are. This portion of the trip has really pushed me more towards wanting a job like the ones we heard from. But it was a big daunting to me a

View from the bus.

The Glockenspiel

The Rathaus in Munich

they move every 2 years because it would make it hard to have a family, but it seemed that it is not impossible. I would love to see and understand more cultures. It has really helped me in understanding what working in that field really entails. I find it intriguing.

But to be honest the prettiest thing from the day were the views from the bus ride.