Long time, no post!

We’ve spent the last two weeks in Ain Leuh, a small town in the Atlas Mountains. We stayed with host families and spent our time learning to cook, sing, dance, and weave rugs. We hiked around the region, and put our Arabic lessons to good use! We also helped paint the local NGO where women weave, and Britney and Melaney helped paint a special mural! Each student left with a small rug they wove with the help of the women.

Our farewell party was filling with dancing, drumming, and goodbye speeches. Many tears were shed, but we will be sure to stay in touch!  We’re now off to Assilah!

Here are some student perspectives on their favorite parts:

“I would say my favorite part of the home stay was when they would have sporadic outings and invite me to do things, such as dancing, and even though I’m kind of shy, I’m glad they asked me to do things because now I feel more confident and am excited to have random and fun experiences in the future.” – Diego

“My favorite part would be just going around with my host brother and seeing what young people in the community do.”- Jose

“My favorite part was just sitting around the table with my family.”- Daniel

“My favorite part was the dance sessions!”- Jennifer

“My favorite part was teaching them about Egypt and America while learning about Morocco and Amazigh culture. I also loved the souk!”- Mariam



Learning about Moroccan fashion, music, and dancing!

Our first weaving lesson!

Hiking around the surrounding regions!












Sunset in Ain leuh.

Our students taught English lessons to three different levels each day!