Japanimation Group 2 – Charles’s photo story

Our lovely leaders that became like our Mamás because they are always taking care of us.

As soon as we landed some of our friends got interviewed already by Japanese people that worked for a TV channel.
The rooms of the hotel were small as well as the toilet, but it had a welcome atmosphere that made you feel like home. We were lucky that nearby there were places to eat as well as a grocery store.
We went to a park to walk and relax for a little bit after having a long flight. We found a group of people dancing and performing on the streets. It was a mesmerizing moment that we were able to experience and watch with our own eyes.
We were sent on our own with the task of completing a scavenger hunt. The city was huge, the landscape changed a lot of times, but the essence of the japanese culture was very alive no matter where we went. We found different shopping places and we saw OWLS!
The leaders gave us a big surprise when they said that we were going to go to Akihabara. When we got there we were like puppies out of the cage. We went running to look at different places and search for anime, manga or figurines. We went into a maid café first and it was a very exciting experience. All of us got out of there very happy and wanted to go back.
Now we are having Japanese classes, how to draw manga classes and we got to sculpt our own figure. I’m looking forward to the following days. This experiment has been a very special experience for me. I have learned a lot and had so much fun.