Japanimation Group 2 – Adventures in Akihabara by Julian

Adventures in Akihabara by Julian

In our first week of experiencing Japanese culture, our group went to explore Akihabara. The day we explored Akihabara was actually colder than usual, so we were able to explore for a longer time than usual compared to the hotter days. I traveled with Ysabel, Quinlan, and Simone to the Cat Café and Owl Café. At first, we walked up about 10 flights of stairs, but sadly it was the wrong side. We saw a lot of different breeds of cats and fed them treats. We only stayed for about 20 minutes but it was magical. However, we might’ve spent more time exploring figurine stores than actually exploring Akihabara.

After exploring the figurine shops and the cafés, the group met up for dinner. We ate dinner, and I shared an omelette rice with miso soup with Simone. The waiter also messed up our order so I got a free hot brownie. It was delicious, but I wouldn’t go there again. The leaders gave us more time to explore after dinner, so I headed to one of the malls with Quinlan so she could find her doll. She eventually found it, and I also got to buy a Saber Figma. It was not that expensive, but it definitely felt like it was. Throughout our first week in Japan, I think Akihabara is probably my favorite place so far. Hopefully we can go there again to spend much more money and explore more of the area.