Japan Homestay Reflections – Anime Group 2

After a morning of cherry picking, my homestay parents said they would take me to a Harukayama. Little did I know, there would be tons of beautiful lilies along the mountain as far as the eye could see. Not to mention the gorgeous city of Sapporo below.   All the bright colors of the lilies and the bluest of skies. It was a breath taking sight. -Kaitlyn

My experience in Japan was fun and gave me new insight to the Japanese culture. I also enjoyed my home stay because of how nice my host family was and how they taught me about the different meals in Japan and how to eat certain meals. Japan has a lot to see and I would love to go there again. I will never forget my time being there and the wonderful experiences I have there. I hope you’ll be interested in learning about another country as well. -Isabel

Although I was only able to spend a couple of days with my homestay family, I feel as if I’ve grown an attachment to them that would never fade. Through numerous activities such as participating in my brothers soccer practices, late night talks, and even attempting to camp brought my homestay family and I very close. They’ve allowed me the opportunity to gain the experience I wouldn’t have gotten from japan without them. They’ve taught me the importance of trying new things and the value of family. From this experience, I’ll be leaving with new goals and aspirations, one being to come back and visit them. They’ve not only helped me develop as a person but contributed to what my mother calls “character”. She constantly uses this word to refer to someone’s personality and has influence my “character” for the better. I am beyond grateful that I was able to have the opportunity to stay with my homestay family even if it was only a couple of days. -Abraham

This week I spent my time with my amazing host family. They introduced me to different foods I’ve never tasted such as Kimchi, Dongo, and Japanese sweet curry. We saw a movie entirely in Japanese and it was a great experience in its own. I had to understand the story just by the animation, and the seats were assigned. My host family are so kind and caring, they already feel like family. I’ll stay in touch with them. -Berkley