India Leadership Institute – Valeria’s Journal

After only a week I felt myself getting home sick. I missed the streetlights , loud taxis, and spirit of the city that never sleeps. And being thousands of miles away, there wasnʼt much I could do. And then we arrived in Delhi.

Meeting Archna Ji was a very comforting and wholesome experience. The tight hug and warm greeting embodied the spirit of India that in the past few days has been nothing but welcoming. Archna Ji has served an important role on our trip bringing us closer and creating a more inclusive unit. In the past few days weʼve seen the Lotus Temple and the Raj Ghat and while all are incredibly beautiful and significant, they do not compare to the impact Archna Ji has had on us. I canʼt wait to see how the rest of our trip/ family develops in the coming days.

Written by Valeria Andrango, Experimenter