India Leadership Institute – Lola’s Journal

Our wings touched down and immediately Delhi wrapped its arms around us, shaking our senses to their core. Each breath and step now carried a new weight along with the relationships we began to create.

The light was everywhere, from the divine fabrics draped along the beings we saw, to the sacred places we entered rich with history, to the taste of am after a long day. Our puzzle at last felt complete, as we were welcomed into our new family.

Many continue to not comprehend how we came about such incredible circumstances. The love and service is undeserved and yet is continually gifted and received with the utmost warmth.

And when we believed it would subside we were met again in the mountains by those same kind and giving eyes. Our heavy breath in Delhi was taken away entirely by Satoli.

I now sit on the carpet with people who Iʼve known forever, overlooking the dark sky lit up by a few bulbs below us in the valley, the crickets are singing, the air is filled with the fumes of the fire our mother made for us to help cook chapati, the taste of which meets my stomach with a longing rumble.

The barrier between tongues is dissolved immediately as we sit together eating food filled to the brim with flavor, as we oil paint each other against the lush green scenery, as we laugh at my non enthusiastic response to the ‘littleʼ bug, as we compete to see who can jump rope the longest.

Lucky is not the right word, incredible does not do it justice, crazy is a bit better…. Itʼs simply, just so, absolutely, beautiful.

~Lolita 🙂

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Lily at our home

Sunset from our homestay

Lily and our sister Harshita

Sierra being radiant on the drive to Satoli

Archna ji, Cleo, Lola and Valeria

Dilli Haat