Germany Homestay Experiences by Jamison

July 6 by Jamison

My homestay is amazing! In my homestay, my family is incredibly kind. They are eager to learn about the United States and our way of life as well teach me about theirs. The first day I got to do some amazing new things. I ran, well tried to run, a 5km “fun run” through a Bavarian hillside. The run itself was fun and hard but the landscape made it worth the trouble. We ran through a Bavarian Forest and it was incredible! After the run we went to get ready for something called Volksfest. Volksfest is a festival with the younger folks who sing, dance, and have fun together. Going was such an amazing opportunity and I’ll never forget it.  This first day was really important because it was my second day there and I feel that going to Volksfest really helped my host sister and I bond and it was an incredible experience. I was also give the opportunity to wear a traditional dress! Overall my first full day of my homestay was amazing and I’ll never forget it.