Homestay. It’s a scary thing to think about for almost all Experiment students. We are all built up with anticipation, hope, nervousness, and most of all excitement. Going into a family’s life with a language barrier can be difficult. This was my biggest worry going in, although that concern drifted away from my thoughts very quickly upon meeting the Han family. My time with my host family in South Korea was the best experience of my life. From the very first day my family opened their arms widely for me. They brought me into their home and within the first hour I could tell that they were people I would keep in contact with forever. They did everything they could to make sure I felt comfortable and at home in my new environment.

Whether it was dancing in the car to music my sister and I both liked, helping my little brother with his homework, singing with my siblings at karaoke, or watching soccer while eating late night chicken, they always made me feel like a part of the family. By the end of my time with them it felt like I had always been a part of their family. I felt a connection with each and every one of them. This connection taught me more about how to be more compassionate, loving, thoughtful, and present. The Han family has truly gifted me with unforgettable memories in the short span of a week, and for that I will be forever grateful.