Muhjko bakeri pasand hai. Translation: I like goats.

In Satoli and Bahraich, goats  roam everywhere and I am always excited to see them. They come in pairs, packs, and herds down the middle of the road, fearless of oncoming traffic. Goats go where they please. Goats here are beautiful and come in a variety of colors: black and white, browns, tans, peaches. I’ve even seen one dyed orange.

Goats are the superior farm animal. In Satoli, I found them in the field of the Aarohi school and gave the mom and kids my mango peels and a good pat (mom and dad: the goats are safe!). They investigated me with their noses and bug eyes, then continued eating grass.

My favorite moment thus far with a goat was here in Bahraich. Walking on the road  back to the Global School of Learning after visiting a nearby village, a herd ran underneath our legs. I frantically brushed them with my fingertips as they trotted by, but Goutam Ji scooped a small one (a toddler) up in his arms and presented it to me. What is joy? Joy is holding a baby goat like its Simba in the Lion King. Thank you, Goutam Ji, for that moment of happiness.

A list of good things about goats:

  1. They always look happy.
  2. They can eat grass.
  3. They have small babies.
  4. They have bug eyes.
  5. They climb on things like motorcycles.
  6. They climb trees.
  7. They are cute.
  8. They are affectionate.
  9. They do what they want.
  10. They are beautiful.