German Lessons & Preparing for the Homestay

July 4 in Germany by Niko

Today was an exciting day. With the homestays looming over us, we were taught more basic German words and phrases, this time, about family, rooms and their contents, and the most delicious of them all, ice cream! We were able to apply our freshly-learned German to order our own scoops! It was very fun and really solidified our knowledge. After that we had some spare time to explore the city and see what it had to offer, but then after that we went to have dinner at a Hawaiian-themed restaurant. Then we bonded as a group over some games of Mafia, which was a great way to close the day. Personally, the German lessons were engaging and fun, same with getting ice cream after. I also feel that the game of Mafia was a great time for everyone playing, and further brought us all closer. We are all so excited for homestays tomorrow!

Marco eating Eis


Walking around Frankfurt


A nice cafe in Frankfurt