First Days in Mongolia

Written by Sarah, Mariyama, and John Paul.

Although the trip got off to a bumpy start when we missed our flight to Mongolia, all of the Experimenters used the time to get to know each other and keep in good spirits. The trip into Beijing was no exception to the hardship in our travel experience. The language barrier held us back, but then a Chinese airport worker and our hero guided us onto our last flight. Traveling over the mountains of Mongolia came the students and group leaders a sense of relief that could be seen on the smiling faces as we stepped into the new adventure we were about to conquer.

But, we were stopped short when 6 people did not get their luggage. Even though they were in old clothes, they still were a positive force during our trip to the square, museum, view, and classic Mongolian dance and singing show. After dinner, the jet lagged students were excited to get to their rooms and sleep for the first time since arriving in Mongolia.

The next morning, the students went downstairs to eat and prepare for the day. Walking to the EIL center was full of sight-seeing. At the EIL center, we got lessons in Mongolian throat singing, Mongolian harp, and Mongolian guitar. We at a lunch of curry while listening to Logan serenade us with some guitar.

After the gathering, we went to the open air market where we purchased traditional Mongolian outfit and everyone bought gifts for a member of the group which name we pulled. Dinner was at an Indian restaurant. We had a short meeting about the next day and went to bed dreaming of our trip to the lake town.