Expand your worldview: 3 exciting reasons to study abroad in Ghana

June 18, 2024
A handful of drummers perform while surrounded by people.

Traditional Ghanaian drummers perform for their community.

The Experiment in International Living offers the chance to study abroad for a month in Ghana, an exciting and vibrant West African country. Students learn about Ghanaian contemporary art and culture in a country that has deep roots in traditional customs alongside a rapidly expanding economy. All this while completing an internship for college credit!

Still need more convincing? Here are three reasons why we think you will love studying abroad in Ghana!

Learn about Ghana’s past while exploring its future

Sankofa is a Ghanaian concept that links the past with a sustainable future. As the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence, Ghana is the ideal location to experience centuries-old history alongside its modern and growing urban areas.

With the help of local experts and community members, you can learn about the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade as you visit centuries-old castles in Elmina and Cape Coast. Then, learn from the Nana Project, which seeks to preserve Ghana’s history for future generations through firsthand accounts and storytelling from Ghanaian elders.

Combine this foundational knowledge of Ghana’s history and legacy while exploring the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Accra, a prime example of West African advancement in technology and development.

African cuisine of grilled chicken legs with jollof rice with orzo and black eyed peas

African cuisine of grilled chicken legs with jollof rice with orzo and black eyed peas

Immerse yourself in Ghana’s ancient and contemporary traditions

Ghana features more than 70 ethnic groups, making it an ideal location to experience the melding of ancient and contemporary traditions right at your fingertips.

You can take a cooking class and sample traditional cuisines at a local market, such as red red, a Ghanaian bean stew; kelewele, a spicy fried plantain dish; and peanut soup.

Ghana is also known for its many vibrant festivals that take place throughout the year and around the country. Whether it’s a harvest festival to mark the end of a rainy season or a festival to bring in a new fishing season, there’s no shortage of reasons to celebrate.

In Accra, the Homowo festival is a colorful celebration characterized by the sprinkling of the signature festival dish, Kpekpele, to ancestors for spiritual protection, the procession of twins through the streets, and traditional drumming and dancing.

A young adult admires contemporary art pieces on a gallery wall.

A student admires contemporary African art at a gallery.

Bask in Ghana’s contributions to the world of contemporary art

Ghana’s contributions to contemporary art have gained prominence in the global art market. See examples of this West African art at Gallery 1957 and at the Nubuke Foundation, which serves as an art gallery, studio space, library, and more.

Dive even deeper into African culture at the Center for African Popular Culture, which aims to strengthen African popular culture awareness through teaching and research.

Want to pair what you’ve learned with tangible skills that prepare you for college and beyond? You can complete your group internship for college credit at one of Ghana’s many organizations dedicated to contemporary arts and culture!



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