Discover India: Indian Cultures & Traditions

January 7, 2019

“Spending the evening with a family in India has made me step outside of my usual comfort zone. I had only a few hours to connect with people who I’d never met, and it took everything I had. Body language, silly faces, and opening myself up fully to strangers. I’ve always been more on the reserved side when it comes to meeting new people, but being in India has taught me a lot about what I’m capable of doing if I put my heart to it.” – Debby

What Experimenters Are Saying:

“Today is concluding day four of being in the Himalayas. Here, the air is clear and fresh, a relief after our time in New Delhi. We must be on constant alert for food-stealing monkeys. From our house, we can see the Himalayan mountain range, and it is probably the single most beautiful view I’ve ever seen.” – Ella

“Standing before the marvelous Taj Mahal at 7am in the morning, in the pouring rain, allowed my brain to finally process the happiness that has been possessing my body every day since I landed in this extraordinary country.” – Sherley

“I have realized that the multiculturalism of my life is a privilege, a responsibility, and a tool, and that by coming to India I have stepped into the role of a global citizen and must use that to empower communities and bridge the gaps between people across the world.” – Paola

Program Highlights:

  • Learn about the history and culture of India, while immersing in the sites and sounds of New Delhi
  • Visit famous sites throughout the city, including the Lotus Temple and Gandhi Memorial.
  • Attend a workshop with local and indigenous students on Rights to Education and Gender Equality.
  • Take an Indian cooking class
  • Stay a night in Agra to visit the world famous Taj Mahal
  • Explore Jaipur, known as the “pink city” for the distinct color of it’s ancient buildings
  • Spend a day at an Elephant Sanctuary
  • Experience day-to-day life with host family and engage in activities to learn about Tibetan culture
  • Attend discussions with Buddhist Nuns and Dalai Lama’s representatives to learn about social justice issues in the community

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