Argentina Group 1: Our first blog

A Trip Down the River in Buenos Aires

The day started with exploring Argentina’s transportation system on a rainy Saturday. We witnessed Argentina’s subway system first hand as we all piled into a car heading to El Tigre Delta, islands in el río de plata in Buenos Aires. We hopped onto the bus and were immediately enveloped into the sceneries that we passed by on our way to the train station. Our eyes were opened to not only the culture of Argentina, but the history as well. Soon after, we were able to board the boat and explore the lake houses that the locals have built and reside in. Despite the rainy weather and cold temperature, we were still able to enjoy the views, as we went to the upper deck to take pictures. At the end of our boat excursion, our tired feet but restless souls journeyed back home feeling “Muy contenta”!

Empanada-Making Party in Chicoana
The group made empanadas in Chicoana. First we learned the Spanish names of the ingredients needed to make them and we all went out in teams to the almacén to buy them. After, we went to a local restaurant run by our coordinator here in Chicoana to make them! We worked together with an Argentinian cook from the restaurant and we created delicious empanadas from scratch all while dancing to Latin music. This was an amazing way to get to know the culture in Argentina and learn something new. After, we all sat together playing games and eating our delicious empanadas!
Panza Llena, Corazón Contento (Full Belly, Happy Heart)
It’s part of the culture of Argentinians to sit together as a family and have a big meal. Something I have experienced so far is the amount of happiness they spread through laughter, stories, and the food; oh and they eat a lot of bread! It is an honor to be part of this experience like no other. In Chicoana, Salta, everyone knows each other, and it is like one big family. At first, it was a culture shock because I come from New York City where everyone minds their own business. Here in Chicoana, everyone takes time to share greetings and cheek to cheek kisses. I and my experimenters love this calm environment: taking advantage of every opportunity