Our Adventures Start in Ireland

July 25, 2017

“Aside from seeing so many beautifully shocking sights in the towns and cities of Ireland so far, my most memorable life experience so far would be The Foróige Youth Workshops. Youth empowerment is not strongly addressed in America and to see that it is strongly brought to awareness, promoted, and rewarded in Ireland was such a life changing day for me. I never got to see how passionate kids and teens were about it until that workshop. These talented kids in the Foróige Youth Organization took their plethora of talents and used it to their advantage to promote and bring awareness about youth empowerment. They were so confident in performing their songs and being so devoted to the youth groups. I didn’t expect such strong activity when I got there. I didn’t expect to hear such music that would connect to teens, about all of the achievements of the group, or about their goals for the youth. You could see the level of strong belief they had in the future of the youth and it was so shocking to see because such belief and support is often lacking in America. It’s said in America that something is being done, but I have looked up and down and opened my ears and I’m tired of not finding it. This social justice and empowerment is hidden and not brought to the light as much as it should be. The youth in Ireland were so strong in advocating for their voices to be heard and it is skills like that that need to be brought back to America. It made me kind of ashamed of America at first but then made me proud after making my first song on youth empowerment! Why was I proud? Because I knew and thought about the impact that I was getting ready to leave on the youth of Ireland and bring back the same impact and create an even bigger one in America! The kids in Ireland are helping me and I am helping them. To nationally do this is not often granted but an impact like this starts from here.  All voices, no matter the difference, deserve to be heard, understood, and respected. I am learning that it starts with being heard and I plan to make sure that the teens in New York are heard. I plan to ensure the teens in America are heard. Otherwise, without us, there won’t be a future as successful as the one we are trying to build!” –Dajourn

“Today we went on a beautiful hike in Killarney. The mountains were so green and lush, very different from the mountains I go to at home in California. It felt amazing to get outside, get exercise and just be in fresh air. For me, the hike really helped center me. Reaching the top of the mountain felt so satisfying and empowering – plus the view was also incredible.  I saw everyone in the group push themselves to complete the hike, and I think we all learned how important and fulfilling it can be to step outside your comfort zone.” –Abby