Exploring Personal Interests in Granada

Today Experimenters chose historic sites to visit in small groups. Here are some things they learned on their adventures!

Shopping with friends for traditional handicrafts. “I learned that the Alcaicería bazar has really narrow streets!” – Fiona

“At Papas Elvira we saw that there was a wide variety of food that could be found in Spain. Not only do they have vegetarian and vegan food, but also hallal and gluten free food. This is super cool because it makes it easy to find food that accommodates your food needs and wants.” – Lizzy, Kailani, and Shayan

Experimenters knocked on an ancient door and bought yummy pastries from nuns living inside a convent. “I learned that this convent was originally donated by Queen Isabella!” – Miles

Experimenters couldn’t even get in the door at Los Diamontes tapas bar. “I learned that the fried fish tapa place is really really popular!” – Lily

This gorgeous place of learning was almost lost to history. “In the plació de la madraza we leaned that it was built in 1347 by the Sultan of Granada, Yusuf I!” – Lizzy, Kailani, and Shayan