Host Family Days in Guadix (Spain Group 1)

Host Family Days in Guadix

After an amazing first few days of visiting Madrid and Toledo we bused down to Guadix. Here we met our host families who we are staying with for a little more than a week. Our nerves were high as we exited the bus but soon were welcomed into the warm arms of our new families.

I met my mom, Candela, dad, Antonio and sister, Marìa. They have made me some gazpacho and paella and for dinner one night my mom made me tortilla de papatas. ~Lizzy

Lily with her family upon arrival to Guadix!


Donica and her host family when they first met.


Charles and his host brother, Ismael, love playing video games together.


Me and my host family at their grandparents house where they have chickens and rabbits. When I visited my grandpa in Puerto Rico, I fed his chickens in the morning and played with them, so it kind of reminded me of my family. ~ Kailani