Below you will find links to specific pre-departure materials for each Experiment program. These materials detail the following: domestic travel arrangements, health and safety guidelines, visa applications (if necessary), packing guidelines, accident and sickness insurance information, guidance on personal funds abroad, and the Experimenter and Family Handbooks. 

Many questions can be answered by reviewing these materials, but please do not hesitate to contact us if further information is required. Note:If a document is listed on the following pages, but not linked, please check back again at a later time, as these pages will be updated. If you have difficulty downloading these files, email us at [email protected]  or call 1 (800) 345-2929.

Important Passport and Medical Information

If you do not yet have a passport valid through the end of February 2025, apply for one now, especially if your program requires a visa. (Many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months or longer beyond the dates of your program.)  We encourage you to visit the U.S. State Department’s passport website for more information. Due to delays in processing passports, the U.S. State Department warns that passport applications may take up to 18 weeks to process, so please apply for or renew your passport as soon as possible.

If you have not had a medical physical since May 2023, make an appointment as quickly as possible.

Confirmation Materials

If you have not already, please login to the Application Portal to submit your confirmation materials, including the following documents.

Conditions of Participation

This form needs to be printed, completed, and signed by the participant and parent. The Experiment cannot confirm your space on a program until we receive your completed and signed Conditions of Participation.

Acknowledgment of Risk

Health Form

Please review the sections below. Part I must be completed and uploaded to confirm an offer of admission. Part II should be downloaded and delivered to the participant’s health care provider to complete and return. Part IIIA & IIIB should only completed if, after review of Part I and/or Part II, additional follow-up is requested.

Part I Instructions, Health Authorization, Personal Health History, & Wellness Acknowledgement

  • Complete Part I Instructions, Health Authorization, Personal Health History, & Wellness Acknowledgement in the Confirmation Portal.

Part II: Health Report & Exam

  • Download Part II: Health Report & Exam form and deliver to the participant’s health care provider to complete. You must submit a copy of a physical completed since May 2023.

Part IIIA: Further Health Information: Medical

Part IIIB: Further Health Information: Counseling and Mental Health

Accident and Sickness Insurance Information

All Experimenters traveling internationally are covered by the World Learning medical insurance policy, which provides full coverage for accidents, illness, and emergency evacuation while on program. This policy starts when Experimenters either board their international group flight or join their group in their program country.

Experimenters traveling on programs outside the United States are insured through Chubb. For further details about the Chubb policy coverage, read the International Travel Insurance 2023–2024 Plan Benefit Brochure. For out-of-pocket costs for medical expenses incurred on program, Experimenter families can submit a claim for reimbursement through Chubb’s claim form.

Experimenters are strongly encouraged to maintain their ongoing coverage in the United States even while traveling abroad.

Domestic Travel Planning Documents

Below you will find links to specific domestic travel planning documents for each Experiment program, including your international flight itinerary. Many questions can be answered by reviewing these materials, but please do not hesitate to contact us if further information is required. 

Please note: the group’s meeting time is five hours prior to your international flight departure. If you are flying domestically, your domestic flight should arrive no later than six hours prior to the international flight departure. When everyone is present, you will check in as a group WITH YOUR GROUP LEADERS WHO HOLD YOUR INTERNATIONAL TICKET. Therefore, it is important that you arrive on time. Do not check in in advance. Your group leaders will meet you at the time and area designated on your Flight Document and will be holding an Experiment sign. Your international airline tickets will be electronically confirmed and there is no paper ticket. 


Please book your domestic return flight home at least four hours after your group’s international flight has landed in the US. 

Once you have determined your domestic travel plans and/or booked a domestic flight, please log into the Application Portal and indicate your travel plans on the “Flight Information” tab. If you have booked a domestic flight, please enter the flight details (departure and return cities, dates, airline(s), flight numbers and times) into the fields. 

If you are not planning to take the group international flight, please inform your admissions counselor, if you have not already. Participants who are receiving a scholarship are required to take the international group flight. There is an inconvenience fee of $250 for participants not taking the international group flight. 

Don’t forget your valid passport! 

Other Program-Specific Documents

Please find your program-specific Packing List and Health Guidelines here. We will be adding additional documents to this page later this spring, including your Experimenter Handbook, Family Handbook, and Personal Funds Abroad. 

Climate Change in Costa Rica for Maret School

Congratulations on your upcoming Experiment summer on the Climate Change in Costa Rica for Maret School custom  program. Visit this webpage for additional information about general pre-departure preparation, including expectations, communications, and travel planning. 

Mark your calendars: Program-specific pre-departure orientation on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm EDT. Register here.

Check back soon for program-specific documents listed below: 

Many questions can be answered by reviewing these materials, but please do not hesitate to contact us if further information is required. To submit or update your domestic travel information please log in to the Portal or email  [email protected].