Week One – Gallery

A gallery-style post by Beverly Moore.

After meeting each other in JFK Airport we had a long journey ahead of us. We had a 7 hour flight to Madrid,Spain. The night we left I looked out the window and captured the beautiful sunset while above the clouds.


Jamie, Aaliyah, Jessica and Beverly (left to right) take on the fascinating streets of Madrid. As these four ladies made their journey back to Hostal Persal they spotted a graffiti wall and began to snap pictures.



During our orientation we made our way to Jardines del Museo del Prado on July 5,2018. As the group made our way to the next destination we came across a headless man. Yes, the man actually MOVES!



This was the day that we finally made our way to the Pride Parade. We all kept noticing how much the LGBTQ+ group was accepted here and was wanting to be apart of it! Now that we have experienced it hopefully we can make a change in US and make this group of people more comfortable.



As the unit in Madrid came to an end we were able to see our digital 2D designs be made into 3D pieces made from a laser cutter, for the wood, and 3D printer, for the plastic pieces. The whole idea of us designing the yellow ashtrays, green playground grips, and wooden bicycle holders was to help the cleanliness, safety, and all around organization of the Plaza.