Week 2: Lima to Trujillo, Perú

Post by Experimenter Laura



The group spent their last evening in the vibrant district of Barranco in Lima. Barranco is said to be the “it” place where Colombian and Venezuelan street performers wowed us with their culture in music and art. Many Peruvians surrounded the Colombian and Venezuelan artists and created a warm and energetic environment for the residents and tourists. This goes to show that Peruvians are very appreciative and welcoming to others.




Walking around the beautiful district, we were able to take in the amazing street art and listen to the spirited music performances with our friends and host families. A majority of the group came together and had a fantastic time at Rustica. They danced salsa and ate a meter of pizza with our coordinator Fito.

This week’s honorable mentions:

We had the pleasure of visiting the faculty building of the Universidad Nacional de Trujillo. It was the original building back in the year of 1824

In El Museo de Arqueología, we were guided through different cultures in Perú from the Moche to Inca traditions and many more.


During the week, we also participated in a discussion with students in quinto ( ages of 15 and 16). There we shared positive similarities and differences between the education system in the United States and Perú.