Week 1 – Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Arles

This trip has been amazing. I could tell from day one we would all be one big family. Everyone is so close and I feel like I’ve known them for ages. I can tell this is truly is the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime. – Autumn

This experience has made me completely and utterly happy that I was able to come and meet all these wonderful people. -Evelyn

I’ve loved getting to explore Paris and Aix-en-Provence this week. I’ve made such amazing friendships and have been exposed to so many new perspectives both in and outside of our group. Our teachers are so talented and I have had so much fun getting to learn from them. I can’t wait to get to continue our adventures in Arles today! -Claire

At first I was apprehensive about coming to France because it’s often difficult meeting new people and I was afraid to come to country where I barely knew the language. However in the short time I’ve been here I’ve fallen in love with it, not just the city but the entire country as well. I can’t help but feel that I’ve been here for years and known the people I’ve met on this trip for years as well. I find myself engrossed in its culture and increasingly interested in understanding its language fluently. My favorite part of the trip has been being able to meet the amazing people I now call friends and being able to explore the various parts of France and stumbling across its hidden gems that you can’t find in travel magazines. – Amina

It’s been a very tiring trip but we have been enjoying ourselves very much. It’s really nice to get to know everyone from so many different places. I am looking forward for all the adventures and laughs that we will have together over the next few weeks. – Lydia and Carol

Exploring the cities and countryside of France has taken my breath away. Each day is full of surprises, watercolors to stain my skin, new friends to make me laugh, and photos that will remind me of sunny Aix in the cold New England winter months. I am enraptured by the beauty of the landscapes and will savor each day. – Isabela

When I first stepped into the circle of our group in the JFK Airport, I knew I would be surrounded by people with the same vigorous love for travel, culture and art as I have. This past week with our group has shown me that my very first thoughts are, and will remain to be true, and that the inspiration and connection that we’ve discovered will only grow as we continue to adventure together! – Sadie

From arriving at the airport and seeing everyone for the first time, to now exploring France together in a matter of days has truly been an enlightening and enjoyable experience. We have all grown so close to each other through French culture and incredible art and photography lessons. I cannot wait to obtain more knowledge and experience from the amazing leaders, instructors and fellow Experimenters as this wonderful journey continues. -Millie

This trip has already been so fun and it’s only been a few days. My favorite part has definitely been creating new friendships and getting to know everyone. I also think the art and photo teachers are amazing as well as all of the beautiful landscapes and architecture. -Brooke

What I enjoyed the most from my experience so far is the amazing friends I have met and the most amazing places we have visited. This gives us hands on activities with photography and art while we explore the beautiful culture and landscape of France. – Chris

France has been a really cool experience. My favorite part has definitely been meeting people from around the world, and sharing new perspectives. – Sarah

Throughout this past days we’ve been getting to know more about France, either by visiting touristic sights or just walking around the cities. I think we’ve made great progress, or at least I have, in photography and art thanks to the help given by our teachers. We’ve also had some opportunities to practice our french, getting better at understanding others as well as speaking the language ourselves. – Mercedes

We ate crepes and it was my first time trying them and they were actually delicious. We had photography and art class which was pretty good because I learned some new things about my camera. My favorite part was when we went to have pizza one night. We ate while talking, laughing, and watching the big soccer game which got everybody hyped up. I also like when we stayed up and talked about our day. This is my favorite memory because I got closer to my peers. – India

France is not at all what I expected to be. I feel so blessed to experience an opportunity to learn from professionals in a country driven by such culture. This past week I learned how to navigate through Paris and communicate with the people of France. I’ve already started making friendships that I know will last for a long time. Everyone is so comfortable and open and it truly makes us feel like a family. – Gabe