Friendships & Birthdays in the USA

“Hi, my name is Mark Lenny. So yesterday, July 14th 2019, was my birthday. It was so much fun considering that back in my country, Kenya, I hadn’t celebrated my birthday for over 5 years. So first of all, I was super excited when my friends woke me up at midnight to sing happy birthday to me. We went to many places (not related to my birthday, just part of the program) and one of those places was First Baptist Church. I loved the music because I really love music and I play five different instruments. We went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch and when I was asleep after eating, everyone just started singing happy birthday. I was disoriented yet ecstatic. They gave me a cupcake with a candle and when I blew it out everyone cheered. However, the most wonderful and magical moment was in the evening. We were on a road trip to Atlanta and stopped at McDonalds in North Carolina for dinner. I had just eaten and I was on my phone just listening to music when I saw my group leader carrying a gorgeous chocolate, vanilla ice cream cake and some presents. My name was inscribed there and everyone had signed my birthday card, I don’t know when and how/ It was the best surprise party ever. I felt loved when people sang happy birthday to me and I nearly cried while giving a ‘thank you’ speech. Part of my gift(s) was beef jerky which I’m sure was Daniel’s idea because he gave it to me when I arrived in the USA and it was the first American snack I ever had. I really liked it. I felt like I belonged to the group more than before. It was an unforgettable experience and all the people and memories will forever be etched and hidden in the deepest and darkest corner of my heart. I love them all, I love my group leaders very much and I love World Learning.”