Trip to Ennoshima/ Kamakura Island by Experimenter Diamond

Hey Experimenters or just viewers! 


My name is Diamond, and I’m apart of the Japanimation group 1 of 2018.  


In my Japanimation group on 15th of July, we took a trip over to the island of Ennoshima/ Kamakura! 


Beforehand we decided to split up into groups of three, and plan out our day beforehand. So my group included Najjiyya, and Kaitlyn! 


Shortly after traveling almost an hour to the Enoshima/ Kamakura islands, we finally get to explore on our own. At first my group made a stop @ the Kanagawa Prefecture, and we made sure to walk around. We spotted the ‘Big Buddha’ and then made our way to the Hasedera temple, which was completely beautiful! The view up top was breathtaking but it was really humid and hot!


After that we had went to stop over at the beach in Inamuragasaki, the sand was black! Which was pretty cool. Too bad we couldn’t swim, but it was still very nice! 


We had wanted to check out the ‘Sea Candle’, so we stopped at Enoshima, but we decided to get food at a quick Hawaiian spot! And after that, that was the end of our trip!