Three Countries. Three Days.


Today was our final day of German language classes. To wrap up our last class we went out into the city of Cologne to compete with each other and to use our newly acquired skills to communicate with the German citizens of Cologne. The event was both a very fun and good learning experience. It showed us how far we progressed in learning German, especially in situations like asking for directions or ordering things at a restaurant. To end our day we left Cologne for our two night stay in Brussels, Belgium. We arrived in Belgium in the evening and we got to explore the city which was a great time. To any future Experimenters, I highly recommend the Belgian waffles.


This morning, to further our knowledge of the European Union (EU), our group ventured to the European Commission. There we were presented with a basic insight into how the EU functions, what it hopes to accomplish, and the current issues facing the EU. It was a very interesting and knowledgeable presentation that allowed us to learn new facts and important details about the EU. After this, our group went on a city tour of Brussels. This led us to different landmarks and monuments around the city. This cool experience showed us the history and uniqueness of this awesome city. To end our day, we went to dinner at the well-known restaurant, “Chez Leon” and then further went to discover the city.


We departed from Brussels this morning to venture to the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands. In Maastricht we got to discuss various European social and political issues with members of the Netherlands’s Green Party. We discussed such topics as refugees with local groups in Maastricht. Throughout this whole experience our group got to see how local governments and groups help European society as a whole. After this we got to go on another scavenger hunt, this time in the city of Maastricht. This was a very fun and bonding experience that led us to perform a variety of funny acts throughout the city. After this, our group returned to the hostile in Cologne to spend the night before we departed for Berlin in the morning.

By Ronnie