This year’s Experimenters reflect on their journeys abroad

December 21, 2023

Through homestays, numerous excursions, immersive language classes, experiential learning activities, and more, Experimenters are stretched beyond their comfort zones as they dive into—and reflect upon—new cultures, traditions, and environments around the world.

Read what this year’s participants said about their time abroad and the impact it had on them—through new relationships, perspectives, and skills gained.

Large group of high school students standing in front of a colorful mural of giant sausages.

Experimenters explore Frankfurt, Germany.

“As the sole participant from Africa in this summer’s Germany program with The Experiment, I anticipated standing out, but the experience proved otherwise. I was welcomed and effortlessly immersed in German culture. This transformative journey has not only enriched my understanding but also deepened my interest in politics and policymaking.” Abiel, Experimenter to Germany, 2023

Group of high school students posing in a row with their arms around each other. One male student is standing in front with a big smile and posing on one leg with his arms spread wide.

Students and homestay families at the homestay farewell picnic in Ghana.

“My summer in Ghana has made me a lot more interested in international school and life. Being able to interact with artists during my internship was great because I was able to speak directly with the people who made incredible pieces. This experience allowed me to make lifelong friendships because our group got extremely close from the beginning, and I am happy about that the most.” Chase, Experimenter to Ghana, 2023

A group of high school students are posing in two rows. The front row is crouching down. Behind them is a large cream colored stone church.

Students explore Valencia, Spain.

“My trip to Spain opened my eyes to the rich cultures of other countries and taught me how to be understanding, mature, and responsible. I not only gained knowledge about the language and culture, but also an entirely new group of friends and family that I am forever grateful for.” Tatiana, Experimenter to Spain, 2023

A student with long black hair and a large brimmed hat sits posing in front of an ancient building carved into the surrounding orange rock.

An Experimenter poses in front of Petra of the Nabateans, a wonder of the ancient world.

“My summer abroad experience was nothing short of transformative. From immersing myself in Jordanian culture to engaging in eye-opening activities, every moment was a highlight. Jordan’s rich history and culture must be experienced, not just learned. Exploring religious and historical sites, connecting with locals, and participating in meaningful community projects made the program incredibly immersive. This journey not only broadened my horizons but also deepened my understanding of the world and my place in it.” Nia, Experimenter to Jordan, 2023

Eight high school students are on a boat on a lake. They are all wearing red life vests and giving the peace sign. Off in the distance are tree covered hills.

Experimenters on a boat tour in South Korea.

“My summer in South Korea through the Experiment is truly going to hold a special place in my heart for the years to come. Not only did it teach me about a new culture and its rich history in a country I have never been to, but it also taught me so much about myself.” Alexa, Experimenter to South Korea, 2023

Group of 14 high school aged students stand in front of a large marble fountain. Behind them is a large plaza with the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in the distance.

Students visit the Vatican on the Italy program.

“Italy was amazing. I enjoyed exploring, getting to know the people in my group, and eating the food. I really liked the cooking classes because the chef was great and just having the hands-on activities made it better.” Justin, Experimenter to Italy, 2023

Two female students stand next to a red marker denoting the latitude line as zero degrees.

An Experimenter and group leader stand on the equator in Ecuador.

“The group leaders were wonderful, supportive, and made the experience an incredible time. I also enjoyed the homestay experience a lot because my family was welcoming. The end of the program was the hardest; I was very sad to leave; most of us were.” Jessica, Experimenter to Ecuador, 2023

A group of 17 students sit in a long row on the stone edge of a large river. Picnic-style food is spread out between them, and they are eating.

Experimenters enjoy lunch along the Seine River in Paris.

“My France and Germany trip was one of my best summers. I met a lot of cool people on the trip who I am still talking to. My host family experience was very interesting, and my host parents were very kind. During the trip I walked around the city of Paris and went to many art museums. This trip was very eye-opening and great to be a part of.” Hiroki, Experimenter to France and Germany, 2023