Located along the Huang Pu river, the Bund is one of the most well-known spots in all of Shanghai. While the Bund is amazing during the day, a view in the morning does not even compare to a view at night. At night, the waterfront promenade of the Bund is packed full of both tourists from all over the world and Chinese natives. Even on a Tuesday night, it was difficult to navigate through the bustling crowd of people. However, once we broke through the crowd, the view of the Bund was absolutely breathtaking. By the waterfront, we could see the iconic, stunning skyline of Shanghai. Visiting the Bund made me realize there are still so many wonderful sights around the world left for me to see. The colonial style architecture and the colorful lights of the Bund are definitely a sight I would not miss on my next trip to Shanghai.

Shanghai World Financial Center:

We went to the world defying Shanghai world financial center which is currently has the largest observation deck in the world. There we experienced the true birds eye view of Shanghai first hand. It truly is a unparalleled sight and an amazing experience from the jolt of the elevator going up to the beautiful sight of the Shanghai high rises. I rate it ten out of ten and would recommend to go.

Megan and Jackson