South Africa Leadership Institute – Homestay

This home is so warm and welcoming. Last night three of the kids taught me some hand games. It’s funny though, it seems a lot of the games are relatively universal. Speaking of the universe, the sky here is absolutely magnificent. Although I can see the stars at my house in Wisconsin, nothing compares to the endless visibility present here. With little light to outshine the stars every detail is glowing. 

Yesterday we went to Sydney, Leela, and Mary Jo’s house to learn beading. After a delicious lunch and some puppy play we began the task at hand: utilizing a safety pin, a needle, a strand of thread, and a colorful variety of beads, one must weave a South African flag into existence. After many attempts at loops and twists and pulls and holds, I found myself without a row much less a waving flag. Sooooo… I made a bracelet. I wish we had more time at this homestay, but you gotta work with what you got.

Written by Naomi Breazeale, Experimenter