Exploring Shanghai

Our first day in Shanghai was marked by blistering temperatures and a form of exploration somewhat reminiscent of speed dating. Our goal: to enjoy some of Shanghai’s oldest and most popular tourist spots in about six hours. Having spent the morning anxiously scrambling through the bustling city, we, rather fittingly, found our way to the Yuyuan Garden. The Ming Dynasty garden complex is home to the Exquisite Jade Rock, one of China’s national treasures. After one of our group leaders, Mr. Liu, enlightened us about the history and significance behind the rock, I started to understand truly the value of a city and people inheriting such an ancient, glorious gem. The Yuyuan garden’s stunning architecture, lush vegetation, and soothing ponds served as a serene moment in our busy day to enjoy timeless beauty. It also had some of the biggest coy fish I had ever seen!

Bloggers: Milgo and Nikki