Program Spotlight: The Netherlands, Dutch Culture and LGBTQ Rights

Orientation: Amsterdam, 5 days
Homestay: Amsterdam,* 15–16 days
Other Accommodations: Hostels

Learn about sex education and social justice movements–specifically around LGBTQ and gender issues–while experiencing Dutch culture and contemporary life during a summer abroad in the Netherlands.

Discover the Netherlands’ longstanding history of upholding and fighting for human rights and social justice and immerse yourself in Dutch culture. Gain new perspectives on Dutch approaches to gender issues, sexuality and sex education, and LGBTQ rights. Together with your group, spend time in The Hague, visiting the Peace Palace and the International Court of Justice, and stop by Rutgers WPF in Utrecht—one of the oldest organizations promoting sex education in the Netherlands and throughout the world. You’ll also visit Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port city and the historic site of Dutch emigration to the US. While there, visit the Maritime Museum and witness the city’s modern architecture, strong working-class roots, and multicultural vibe, and meet with LGBTQ youth. Participate in a spoken-word workshop and experience how poetry and spoken word can serve as powerful tools in the struggle for equality and social justice.

Deepen your immersion in Dutch culture, take a Dutch language course, and share in the daily lives of your homestay family in Amsterdam. Get to know the city by exploring on foot, and visit the dunes and scenic countryside by bicycle. At different stages of the program, attend workshops on gender and transgender issues, marriage rights, and other social justice topics while visiting a fascinating array of organizations engaged in these areas.

There is still room available on this program for summer 2017! Interested in applying? See here for more info!