So this week was a little hectic at first but we made it work. Our leaders were very patient with us and they helped us a lot. This week started with a coup of Thai classes at Chiang Mai University. Then after each class we did a special activity. For example after the second day of Thai classes we hiked up a mountain to see the Winter Palace, then we hiked to the Phuping Temple. Both of those places were extremely beautiful as well very iconic. Yesterday we all became Master Thai Chefs, we cooked four different dishes. The first was a soup with ingredients like shrimp, ginger, and peppers. The second dish was a Green Curry and man was it amazing. After that we all took a short break to chill and hangout. When we reconvened we made two more dishes one was Mango Sticky Rice and the other was Phad Thai. That night after class we all went to a huge night market full of food, clothes, jewelry, and even massages. That brings us to today where we will go to a retreat to learn the art of meditation.

  1. Doi Suthep Temple steps
  2. Doi Suthep Temple
  3. Tha phae gate market
  4. Sammy’s Organic Farm Cooking School
  5. Khantoke welcome dinner
  6. Doi Suthep Temple with Monk and bracelet blessing
  7. Sammy’s Organic Farm Cooking School