Non-Violent Revolution: A Song Created for Change

By: Jonah and Carly

Over the past five days our group has split into two groups, one for making a song and the other for painting a mural. We were part of the song group where we dropped some beats on the piano, played some epic guitar solos, and jammed out on the saxophone and steel drums. We worked together to make a song about Pete O’neal’s past, and about non-violent revolution. We used an old audio clip of his about his time as a Black Panther, and wrote a chorus and rap verse about community service and non-violent revolution/change. Overall we made an amazing song about an important worldwide topic and worked as a team to have a good experience. Everyone in our group had some sort of role and everyone played an important part in the making of this song. We all had an awesome time and learned a lot.


By Oliver and Courtney

Arusha National Park

The other day we went to Arusha National Park. Right when we got into the park we saw zebra and water buffalo. Over the next 7.5 hours we saw baboons, giraffes, zebras, blue monkeys, flamingoes, egrets, dik-diks, water bucks, water buffalo, colobus monkeys, and other amazing sights. In the morning we went on a walking safari to Mt. Meru and a waterfall. In the afternoon we split into three safari trucks and toured the park. It was the first time we were able to see lots of wildlife so far, and it made us eager for our safari tour of Nogorogoro crater at the end of the trip.


By Cara and Rachel

United African Allianve Cultural Center

Talking with Pete and Charlotte O’Neal (aka Mzee Pete and Mama C) was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Mzee Pete is a Black Patner living in exsile in Tanzania for almost 50 years. We had group conversations with both of them. With Mama C, we asked her questions about living in Tanzania and her choice to leave the states. She then asked us about being teenagers in the US today. Pete, told us stories and of his experiences of being in the black panthers and fleeing the US. They are both truly inspiring people and it was amazing getting to talk to them and hearing their stories.

NOTE: the group will be with the Maasai for the next 10 days or so, and without any wifi or connectivity.